On-site training

PREFA supports its roof specialists with practical on-site training from an engineer. This training covers the installation techniques for PREFA products. We would like to point out that this service is not intended to be installation support.

Aim: to enable you to implement the theoretical and practical training from the PREFA Academy in your professional work on site.

The following preliminary work steps are required in order for training to run smoothly:

  • Completed substructure (ridges, arris, channels, battens (or formwork))
  • The roof gutters must already be mounted.
  • If necessary or required: (gutter feed sheets, ice strips, eave flashing, etc.)
  • Building site scaffolding and other safety measures

The following tools are required in order for training to run smoothly:

  • Tinsmith hand tools
  • Chalk line
  • Nail apron (with two compartments)

If you have any questions, please contact: Mr Höld (master tinsmith):

Mr Höld
Tel.: +43 2762/502 760
Mobile: +43 664/543 17 71
Fax: +432762 / 502 878

Please call on the assistance of our engineers as early as possible if required.

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