Ordering samples

Product samples, colour samples and sample items

Gutter sample

Not sure if the product or colour is right for your customers? Then use our sample service and give us a call.

Actually seeing and handling the samples will give you a good impression of the aluminium that we use for our products. We are happy to send you product samples, colour samples or sample items upon request, so that you and your customers can see the quality of the products for yourselves.

Please indicate the colour, surface finish and product you require when you submit your order. We also need your address.

If you need advice or want to order by phone, please contact Helga Trömer:

Helga Trömer
Tel.: +43 2762/502-756
Fax: +43 2752/502-807
E-mail: helga.troemerPREFA@prefa.com

Helga Trömer