Polo Scolastico Bortolameo Sicher


A photovoltaic system is a well-known option for generating environmentally-friendly power. Unlike other environmentally-friendly power generation plants such as wind, hydroelectric or biomass steam power stations, a photovoltaic solar power plant can also be used in smaller versions and still be worthwhile. If a suitable roof area is available, it can be equipped with a solar power plant.

Two types of photovoltaic system are available, differing in terms of aesthetics:

  • if the module is mounted on the roof, this is called an "added photovoltaic solution".
  • If the module blends in with the roof membrane to form one unit, this is called an "integrated solution" or building-integrated photovoltaics - BIPV.

PREFALZ SOLAR is an integrated PHOTOVOLTAIC solution for aluminium standing seam roofs that combines environmentally-friendly power generation with aesthetic integration. The photovoltaic laminates fit the contours of the roof area like a second skin. This retains the exclusive look of the standing seam roof.