Technical details

PREFALZ ® as extension bands for PREFA roof tiles, shingles and roof rhomboid panels

Extension bands measuring 0.70 x 1000 mm are available in all standard colours for various connections and surrounds. Roll size 60 kg.

Caution: Do not repair any damage by painting over it. Do not mix PREFALZ ®  bands with other coloured aluminium bands, due to the differences in paint quality and folding properties.

Bands can be profiled and bent into curves cost-effectively by PREFA in the factory or on-site.

0.70 x 650 mm
0.70 x 500 mm
0.70 x 1000 mm
Paint quality: PP 99
Standard roll size
(for 650 mm band width):
60 kg (internal Ø = 320 mm) approx. 48 rm
500 kg (internal Ø = 500 mm) approx. 407 rm

Experiences with single-pitch roofs – primarily roof structures without solid coverings – have shown that strong winds can generate noise with double standing seam roofing. In this case, we recommend using PREFALZ with 500 mm band width rather than PREFALZ with 650 mm band width. We also recommend using a separating layer. Other soundproofing measures can only be implemented with an expert roof design. Suitable soundproofing measures must be taken into account when planning the roof design.

Tips for working with PREFALZ®

Fix in place based on roof pitch


Sliding layout for sheet lengths over 3 m.