Bands and sheets


PREFA aluminium bands and sheets are made from malleable aluminium alloys. They are colour-coated in the coil coating process and are permanently weather-proof. As they are easy and safe to work with, they are ideally suitable for creating gable and channel designs, chimney and dormer surrounds/cladding, window sills and much more. Whether the roof covering material consists of bitumen shingles, slates, fibre cement tiles or clay/cement tiles, PREFA aluminium bands and sheets look great and can be used to create a harmonious tone-on-tone look or to highlight features with contrasting colours.

Naturally, extension bands and sheets are also available for the tried-and-tested PREFA long-term roof with the corresponding paint quality. In addition to their use for roofing, PREFA aluminium bands and sheets can also be used as façade accessories (e.g. window surrounds, window sills, end and corner brackets, etc.)

Please note: Do not mix bands and sheets with other coloured aluminium bands, due to the differences in paint quality and folding properties.

Achieve great-looking overall solutions with colour-coated PREFA aluminium roof gutters in nine standard colours and four dimensions.