Box gutter

Technical details

Aluminium roof gutter material

PREFA roof gutter bands are surface-finished in the coil coating process. Bands are run through up to 20 processing steps. After pre-treatment, the base coat is applied on both sides and stove-enamelled. Three coaters and two kilns are used to apply the 25 µm polyester top coat.

1 Top coat 25 μm

2 Primer

3 AlMn base material

The product complies with requirements for external architecture, remaining permanently temperature-resistant at temperatures between - 30°C and +80°C. The paint layer is malleable and resistant to general chemicals and weathering influences.

The coil coating process is accompanied by strict quality control.

  • Layer thickness, gloss level, colour tone, paint hardness,
  • paint adhesion, paint bonding, deformation resistance and
  • paint hardening are vital test criteria.

Long-term behaviour is also examined

  • in salt-spray tests.
  • Test in condensation - changing climate with atmosphere containing SO2
  • Water storage tests and outdoor weathering

Standard colours and sizes for PREFA box gutter
Special RAL or NCS colours upon request