Composite panel

Technical details

1. Coating

Front DURAGLOSS 5000 is an exclusive Alcoa Architectural Products paint and a newly developed coating with high-quality polymer resin, available in four colours.
The gloss level is between 3 and 80%.
Core FR core (fire retardant = low flammability)
Reverse Protective paint: suitable for adhesion, offers great protection against corrosion.
The arrows on the reverse indicate the coating direction. This allows you to align the tiles correctly on the façade for metallic colour tones.
Standard dimensions Thickness: 4 mm, width: 1,500; length: 4,000
Colours: anodic silver, pure white, ruby red, natural brushed aluminium, deep grey, metallic copper,
Dimensions upon request Thickness: 4 mm, width: 1,000/1,250/1,500/1,750/2,000 mm; length: from 2,000 to 6,000 mm

2. Protective film

  • Black/white film, thickness 80 µ, arrows indicate coating direction.
  • Exterior resistance: max. 6 months (after max. storage of 6 months).

3. Colour range

The composite panel is available in a range of colour tones:

  • 15 standard colour tones, DURAGLOSS 5000 paint – available upon request
  • Special colours and gloss levels available upon request
  • All RAL and NCS colours available upon request (subject to feasibility).

4. Mechanical and structural properties

Thanks to its bonding concept, the composite panel comes with exemplary mechanical values. Despite its lightness, Reynobond is extremely resistant to buckling, denting and bending (wind load).

With identical stiffness, the aluminium composite panel is thus 3.4 times lighter than steel and 1.6 times lighter than aluminium.

Comparison of materials and weight per m²

Aluminium composite panel FR
4 mm =   7,5 kg/m²
4 mm =   10,8 kg/m²
4 mm = 31,4 kg/m²

5. Sound insulation properties

Reynobond absorbs nine times more sound than aluminium. The material can therefore be used as machine cladding. The loss factor of 4.0 mm Reynobond in accordance with ASTM E756-83 is 72.10-4 at 200 Hz. For aluminium (3.2 mm thick), the factor under the same conditions is 8.10-4.

Sound insulation Reynobond is used for sound insulation. The average airborne sound insulation frequency of between 100 and 5000 Hz in accordance with ASTM E 90 and E 413 creates the following
sound insulation values Reynobond average sound insulation thickness measurement (STC) 4 mm 26 dB

6. Electrical properties

  • Specific contact resistance for Reynobond 4 mm; ρ = 1,3 x 1017 Ωcm
  • Electric strength for Reynobond 4 mm;Ed 20 kV/mm
  • Electric breakdown voltage U at tile edges for Reynobond 4 mm; U 3 kV
  • Electromagnetic shield: (in accordance with NSA specification 65-6)

Reynobond tiles act as electromagnetic shields and reduce more than 80 dB in a frequency range of 1 Mhz to 1 GHz. Using Reynobond as an electromagnetic shield is recommended for the following areas: airports, computer rooms, hospitals, military and IT facilities.

Technical fire protection classification:


Country Aluminium composite panel Norm Classification
Austria FR EN 13501 B-s1-d0
Germany FR DIN B1
Switzerland FR VKF 5.3


7. Thermal properties

  • Reynobond is temperature-resistant from -50°C to +80°C.
  • Linear thermal expansion is based on the aluminium covering sheets: A = 0.024 mm/m /°C.
  • With a 60°C temperature difference, the change in length is 1.4 mm per metre.