Aluminium as a material

What makes aluminium so unique?

Aluminium as a material

Aluminium as a material

What makes the roofs so suitable for folding?


The aluminium used by PREFA for standing seam roofs and façades has special properties and specifications. The special alloy means that the aluminium becomes flexible and can be worked cleanly and professionally - even at the extremely low outside temperatures (below 0°).


AlMn1Mg 0.5 in compliance with EN 573

Fold quality

EN 1396


The extreme resistance of aluminium makes PREFA roofing material almost entirely indestructible. This is why we offer the unique 40-year guarantee for this progressive material!

  • Extremely resistant (no breakage, no rust)
  • 40-year guarantee

Aluminium is a progressive material, as has already been discovered in the building of cars, planes and ships. Only aluminium combines incredible lightness with extreme resistance

  • Aluminium is a superior material (as shown when it comes to building cars, planes, etc.)
  • PREFA's 60 years of experience with aluminium roofs are a great source of unique expertise